Amy delivers yoga that’s flowing, intuitive and brings about a balance to your wellness. It’s very much about feeling free and the internal journey being the focus of the practice. Amy provides nurturing and grounding yoga with her Intuitive Yoga practice which is based around standard asana’s like in the gallery though with freedom to roam and also to slow down and just be.

Yoga Shakti Dance and Yoga Dance classes builds on from Amy’s foundation style Intuitive Yoga practice. They allow for lots of creativity, fun and expression, thus provide the opportunity to evolve and empower yourself through incorporating movement and dance with Yoga.

Both Yoga Shakti dance which is inspired by the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga and the Yoga Dance which is more contemporary combines Yoga asanas (poses), sequenced dance, free flowing dance moves with various styles of music, Mantras, breathing exercises and meditation to evoke awareness of the mind, body and spirit and to unite with self.     

Intuitive style yoga for grounding, nurture and growth for the heart and soul. Classes will resume again in due course

April workshop coming up in Chester with more details to follow soon!

Benefits of Yoga……

  • May help to release emotions
  • Feel freedom in being expressive
  • Can ignite creativity
  • Reduce emotional tension
  • Increase flexibility
  • Can help overcome limiting beliefs
  • Can improve wellness physically and mentally
  • May feel peace and enjoyment from within
  • Within regular practice may feel union with self (mind,body & spirit)•Improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • May help maintain balanced metabolism
  • May assist with cardio and circulatory health

*Contraindications: Please consult with your Doctor before starting Yoga Dance if you are pregnant, have sciatica, knee pain, hernia and stomach ulcers, hypertension, frozen shoulder or injury, lower back pain, surgery, hip wrist ankle injury/pain*