Shati Yoga Dance

Shakti Yoga Dance is inspired by the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, particularly Kundalini Yoga. This practice combines Yoga postures, sequenced dance, free flowing dance moves with various styles of music, Mantras, breathing exercises and meditation to evoke awareness of the mind, body and spirit and to unite with self.

Expressing and truly being in our bodies with connectivity can help to shift and transform energy into feeling nurtured and vibrant. This practice is an invitation to be creative with your energy and to listen to your body, release blocks in the energy system and to experience a free feeling within.

Benefits of Shakti Yoga Dance…

•May help to release emotions

•Feel freedom in being expressive

•Can ignite creativity

•Reduce emotional tension

•Increase flexibility

•Can help overcome limiting beliefs

•Can improve wellness physically and mentally

•May feel peace and enjoyment from within

•Within regular practice may feel union with self (mind,body & spirit)

•Improved respiration, energy and vitality

•May help maintain balanced metabolism

•May assist with cardio and circulatory health


*Please consult with your Doctor before starting Yoga Dance if you are pregnant, have sciatica, knee pain, hernia and stomach ulcers, hypertension, frozen shoulder or injury, lower back pain, surgery, hip wrist ankle injury/pain*

It would be an honour to have you join & share this practice together. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Shakti Yoga Dance

Kingsley Community Centre –

6.30-7.30pm Thursday 16th February £7

Tantra Yoga

Monthly workshops coming soon in Chester and Frodsham this Autumn

More information coming soon…..

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