“The vibrations of the voice are healing for the Soul and restores our balance”

“Sound bathing with Amy”

Amy uses her Voice and Reiki Energy Healing to nurture, relax and revitalise whilst providing a truly authentic experience that is engaging and brings peace to the soul.

Voice, Sound & Matra Time

Sound Healing is an ancient meditative practice to assist with coming back into a calm, peaceful state of being, aligning with the true nature of being. The vibrations from the nurturing sounds assist with reducing and alleviating anxiety, depressive feelings, tension, and insomnia. 

The instruments I am currently using are the voice, which can be the most healing of all instruments especially when we create sound with our own voices as we feel the sounds internally. Also with with percussive instruments such as the drum for its hypnotic, trance inducing repetitive thudding sounds can help with deepening and amplifying the connection with self and the environment. The drum beat can ben felt as a representation of the heartbeat.

I chose to work with percussive instruments such as; Koshi chimes, Bola bell, Tingsha bell, Siniging bowl to restore balance within each chakra (energy centre) with their purifying sounds and vibrations. 

Mantra Time is where you can express yourself through sacred Sanskrit Mantras and with some of my personal unique affirmations/chants to assist with wellness. 

Mantras can be sounds, a word or sentences, they are often spiritual in nature and mystical.

Sanskrit Mantras are an ancient Indo-European language of India, “Man” meaning mind and “tra” meaning tool. Mantras can help with focus, being aware of self, calms the mind, raise our vibration, uplift our mood, may raise consciousness, ignite compassion for self and others, can help with positive change within.


Mantra – Buddhist Mantra – “OM Mani Padme Hum”- “The beauty is in the Lotus” – a reminder that we all have beauty within that sometimes is hidden amongst the “mud” perhaps the internal conflict.

Affirmations – To confirm and affirm something.

“I listen to my intuition it guides me to my inner vision” – listening to our intuition may lead us to our hearts dreams and make choices that are in alignment with our true selves. 

Chants – Usually a phrase rhythmically sung or chanted with raised voices. “Thunder in my spirit, thunder in my bones, thunder in the life force waking up my soul” – a chant to awaken inner power.