“Sound journey with Amy it’s a great experience which I will gladly repeat. The sounds and guidance Amy created during the journey were not only relaxing for me but enlightening. She is a true guide. Everything was at a high level of professionalism. A true sound talent, her voice completes the sounds of nature and guides you through an out of body experience. Thank you Amy”

“Amy is such a warm and lovely person! I’m so happy that I have met her in Ibiza. I had a reiki treatment from her at the beach and it was beautiful. I really felt the energy from her hands floating through my body. It was a very intense, healing and uplifting experience full of love. I will never forget the session with Amy and I’m very thankful for it!!”
Inge L

“I have been to Amy’s Sacred Vibrance Circles and have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from each one. Amy is such a kind and gentle person, you can’t help but instantly feel at ease when around her. I have introduced friends to Amy’s circles and all of us have returned and will be returning again to future events. I came away feeling very relaxed and stress-free. Thank you Amy”
Rebecca J