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Sacred Vibrance delivers workshops, 1-1 sessions and events for wellness. With a particular focus on Sound Healing using the voice, yoga dance for movement and expression along with sacred cacao ceremonies for nurture.

“Raising the wellness within”

Upcoming Events

“Voice Bathing with Amy & Broad-minded”

For a truly sacred and unique healing sound experience, Amy from Sacred Vibrance and Lee from Broad-minded join together. Expect voice bathing and other instruments such as Koshi Chimes and therapeutic percussion . More info is on the Voice section of the web site.

New Date Coming Soon – Castle Parks Arts Centre, Frodsham £15

Yoga Dance Class

Have fun being expressive and creative with the body as you combine yoga with dance. Align and immerse yourself in the music whilst feeling liberated and free. As you move the body in different ways you will aid suppleness, strength, agility and of course cardio for the heart! Expect also to have a meditative experience as the practice provides calm and harmony within self.

Yoga Dance Intro Class – Kingsley Community Centre 6.30pm-7.30pm Thursday 16th February, £7